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Best of Beef champions the people, places and passion that go into producing and serving one of the world's most sought after beef, Certified Irish Hereford Prime.

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Best of Beef

For people who care what they cook. From farmers who care what they produce.

Irish Hereford Prime is a farmer led, farmer run organisation dedicated to producing the highest quality certified Hereford beef.

Best of chefs

Insights from some of our favourite Irish and international chefs.


Jean Denaux
Denaux Viande de Sélection, Sens, France

Jean Denaux selects and prepares meats for the most demanding chefs in France.


Best of occasions

A growing collection of nutritious beef recipes perfect for any occasion, big or small.


Striploin Steaks with Hogao Sauce

by Kinneagh Kitchen



Braised Featherblade

by Kinneagh Kitchen


Best of tastes

Tender, juicy, marbled and succulent, a guide to the different cuts of beef.

Featured Cut

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T-Bone Steak

Sometimes described as the best of both worlds, this huge t-bone is really two steaks in one — flavour filled sirloin on one side of the bone, tender fillet on the other. Suitable for pan-frying, grilling or roasting, the t-bone is a versatile steak that looks impressive on any plate.

Best of Ireland

Find out what makes our internationally awarded beef so unique.

Natural beef

Owing to a grass-based diet and natural outdoors life, Certified Irish Hereford Prime beef is naturally low in saturated fat and high in vitamins and minerals.



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